cc2GO Group was founded by Christian Kazamias in 1999 as a spin-off company created to address the disruption opportunities in mobile and smart phone software development.

He created and led the company until he fell ill and was suffering and a new company was formed with sister Antiopi Kazamia called cc2GO Wireless Technologies – a Start-Up formed in 2000 and directed by Ms Kazamia to date that focused on Wireless / Mobile Research and Development and Disruptive opportunities.glyphicon-sort-by-attributes.glyphicon-sort-by-attributes

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cc2GO Wireless Technologies

cc2GO Wireless Technologies was formed as a spin-off company from a successful Mobile Modem distribution business when an opportunity to develop Mobile PC Card Modem drivers for Apple Inc. for their laptops led to a higher profit margin than supply of the mobile modem hardware to Apple and its channels.


cc2GO Wireless Technologies began developing low stack level drivers until an opportunity in Cebit Hannover Germany in 1999 when their first big break came to develop the world’s first GPS Enabled Smart phone operating system.

Mobile Wireless

ATS Alumini – Export Ready Company

cc2GO Wireless Technologies was recognised and accepted into the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) as an “Innovative Export Ready” Technology Company in the build-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games promoting Australian Ready Businesses for Global Export.


Today cc2GO Wireless Technologies is recognised as an ATS Alumini member.

World Firsts In Mobile and Wireless Smart Phone Technologies and User Experience

cc2GO Wireless Technologies pioneered a number of innovative World Firsts, some still used today by users unaware what was developed by this Australian Start-up

This includes design, development and release of the World’s FIRST GPS enabled Smart-phone Operating system and FIRST GSM / GPRS Data and GPS Enabled Smart phone Operating system.

Mobile Wireless

In 2000-2002 cc2GO Wireless Technologies’ Founder Mr Christian Kazamias submitted some Provisional Patents while still unwell, that have been referenced by World Mobile and Smart phone Giants : - Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft in subsequent patents and prior arte references, to name a few.

Mobile Wireless

Recognised Emergency Predecessor to In Case of Emergency (ICE)

In 2002, cc2GO Wireless Technologies designed and built their automated SOS Emergency system into their Smart phone Operating system. The concept was submitted to an Australian IT Innovation competition and the company was a Finalist in 2003.


The concept is the first example of use of a GPS with Emergency dialling, messaging and communications utilising pre-formatted message templates.

When you receive a call, reject it and send a message from a number of selections you are utilising one of cc2GO Wireless Technologies’ inventions.


Enabling Bluetooth Human Interface Devices to be used by Mobile and Smartphones

In 2003, new entrants Microsoft (Windows CE/Phone) and Nokia driven Symbian OS entered the Smart-phone market and flooded the existing Palm OS and Java ME driven Mobile phone market with licensed devices. The company changed its direction and focused on new connectivity opportunities with Bluetooth.

Mobile Wireless

cc2GO Wireless Technologies identified opportunities in Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth beyond the headset and serial connections that were the mainstream opportunities for Bluetooth manufacturers.

Mobile Wireless

Bluetooth HID Driver for Smart Phone and Mobile Specialised Devices

Its first Bluetooth product released in 2003 was a Bluetooth Human Interface Device driver that allowed any Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse, Keypad, Presentation Remote or Gaming Controller to connect to the market leading Personal Assistant and Smart-phone devices at the time (Palm, Windows, Symbian OS driven).

Mobile Wireless

This Bluetooth HID driver was licensed to a number of large and smaller Bluetooth HID manufacturers including USA Disruptive start-up Frogpad, and large manufacturers in Asia who created Notebook and custom devices.

Mobile Wireless

Bluetooth Security – A New Wireless Threat

In 2005, cc2GO Wireless Technologies identified yet another opportunity in Bluetooth (and later (WiFi) Security Threats.

Mobile Wireless

While attempting to send confidential emails and do banking whilst travelling, the company Founder noticed he could see other Bluetooth enabled users.

Bluetooth HID Adds Wireless Security

An enquiry to Engineering led to the development of the World’s FIRST Bluetooth Security Anti-Spy software that was integrated initially into the company’s Bluetooth HID product – HID2GO.

Bluetooth HID Security

In simple terms the company used lower Bluetooth stack information to authenticate connected devices limiting potential spies and hackers from accessing the Mobile / Smart phone device and therefore data.

MS Outlook – Unified Email / SMS Messaging with Mobile / Smartphone Integration

In 2005 cc2GO Wireless Technologies entered the Corporate and Enterprise space creating one of the first Unified Messaging platforms for Microsoft Outlook.

Whilst products existed that allowed MS Outlook to Send SMS messages and / or emails separately, the company chose to unify this creating a single platform to send both emails, SMS messages or type once send to both function.

Ms Outlook

The MS Outlook plug-in product also allowed for the first time the ability to move messages, images and music from PCs to Music players including the iPOD and MP 3 players using proprietary techniques at a time when Apple limited iPOD music to be moved to non Apple devices once moved.

Accident Prevention and Driver Behaviour

In 2006 the company began to focus on opportunities in Driver Behaviour and Accident prevention and today focuses on the Connected Car in this space.

Accident Prevention

Our research in this field over the last few years, has led to new developments in driving behaviour detection and today includes research into Deep Learning integration, Environment detection and Mobile apps that can report Speed and Velocity, Lane management and impact monitoring all integrated with Emergency Notifications to Authorities, Friends, Family and Work.

Mobile Smart Phone Integrated Telephony and Messaging

The company has continued to pioneer a number of developments including moving its focus to integrating VoIP and Mobile SIM Telephony for Business and Mobile / Travelling users.

SIP / SIM and Mobile Technology Integration

From 2008, the company began researching and developing VoIP / SIM RnD and proof of Concepts.

We have researched, designed and developed integrated Mobile applications on its own platform called X-Stitch. The X-Stitch platform was designed for Mobility and to manage Telephony, Messaging and Roaming, integrating the Mobile / Smart-phone popular platforms including Apple IOS, Android OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS and enabled use of DTMF based Call Through / Call Back, VoIP, SIP, GSM/3G Gateways (for Telephony and SIP), Analogue and SIP Phone systems, Door Stations and Mobile Carrier HLR integration enabling the X-Stitch platform to be used for a number of Vertical market segments.

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Pioneers In Call Through / Call Back and SIP dialling

cc2GO Wireless Technologies is no stranger to SIP and Call Through / Call Back having first implemented Call Through from a Mobile Smart phone device to a Fixed line / Phone / system and dialling out through fixed / SIP lines in 2000 and referenced by its Founder in Provisional patents in 2000 – 2002.

cc2GO Wireless Technologies Recent RnD

Over the last 9 years cc2GO Wireless Technologies has focused on Research and Development of a number of New Wave Mobile and Wireless opportunities primarily in the Enterprise Telephony / Messaging, Connected Car, Mobile and Wearables space.

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New Emerging Markets

As pioneers in Mobile / Smart phone technologies, the company has kept an eye on new emerging markets including Smart Watch phones and Wearables tipped to integrate / drive a lot of the IOT emerging opportunities.

cc2GO Wireless Technologies Main Areas Of Focus

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CC2GO Group

Our Journey so far

  • CC2GO Wireless Technologies – a start-up company was formed in 2000 to focus on Wireless Research and Development opportunities
  • Initially setup to address market need for mobile applications / drivers for PCMCIA connections to GSM 2G Handsets
  • Focus was to address the emerging shift to Mobile Smart-Phone and Wireless Convergence / M2M Market Needs
  • Company was recognised and accepted into Australian Technology Showcase as an "Innovative Australian Export Ready" Technology Company in build up to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
  • Built World's FIRST GPS enabled Smart-phone Convergence device Operating system and assisted in design with German Start-up partner company – EGEO in 2001
  • CC2GO Wireless Technologies was a Finalist in the Austrade IT Secrets 2003 Awards - a program that identifies Innovative Australian Technologies for its SOS Emergency concept. This was the FIRST In Case of Emergency (ICE) system developed in 2000 for the EGEO Smart-phone.
  • Built the World's First Cross Platform Bluetooth Human Interface Device Stack for Smart-phone platforms enabling Any Bluetooth HID Keyboard, Mouse or Remote to connect to ALL LEADING Smart-phone devices and licensed stack to Major OEM Vendors around the world.
  • Built the World's FIRST Bluetooth Anti-spyware technology detecting attempts to listen in and hijack mobile / smart-phone functions
  • Built Mobile App Usage Palm OS application for Systems Integrator who implemented in their app offering to Queensland Health Services
  • Built MS Outlook Plug-in support for Integrated email and SMS Messaging

CC2GO Technology Research

Our Innovation Arm

  • In December 2013, we created a joint venture company called Truroam Asia Pacific T/A CC2GO Tech Research to create a local R&D lab for the joint Mobile Roaming venture.
  • Due to conflicting partner interests, in November 2014 a new entity was created and registered CC2GO Technology Research as a standalone R&D & further commercialisation arm - CC2GO Technology Research.


    • Conduct Australia based R&D focusing on Mobility and Wearables, In-Car, Communications, Mobile Payments, M2M and Roaming Traveller services.
    • Focus on cutting-edge deliverable commercial M2M solutions utilising technology building blocks available today
    • Partner with appropriate channel providers & Government.

Our Innovation Focus Today

  • R&D in Web based Portal Creation Editor to manage IoT / M2M, Wearables and other Web based Viewable and Glance Ready Content.
  • Research and Development (R&D) in Mobile Hardware and enter the Machine to Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) market with technology that will lower monitoring / data transmit and voice communication costs
  • Conducted R&D in integrating and commercialising M2M Hardware into Traditional & Interactive Vending Machines using our own M2M & Android Custom stack and Mobile Devices with Mobile Resource Management software for stocking and notifications/alerts using our own Message / Data low cost transmission solutions
  • Conducting R&D to commercialise Mobile / Electronic Loyalty Payment system over Encrypted Messaging for vending client that can be applied to any mobile payment system

Our Focus Today

  • Specialise in M2M / iOT Hardware with WiFi / Bluetooth and 3G /4G Web Managed portal for Smart Meters, Vending Machines, Mobile Payments, Telemetry and Telematics

CC2GO Wireless Technologies

Our Focus Today

  • Built X-Stitch Mobile Platform – a robust Mobile app with integrated Mobile Cloud based support for Telephony, Messaging, Emergency and Call Recording Logging system designed for Enterprise, Corporate and Consumer End Users.
  • X-Stitch is the ONLY offering in the market for Mobile Device Management of Telephony and SMS Secure Management with Call Through / Call Back Location aware Rules based LCR support
  • Unified Outlook2GO – a Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 Add-On that enables any user to Send Email and SMS Messages from MS Outlook but ONLY type it once and select Contact to Send to and how to send to that user – Email and / or SMS via GSM/3G Gateways and / or back-end Mobile Telecom servers