Traditional (DEX) Vending

CC2GO Technology Research has been researching, designing and building Vending Software and Solutions in Sydney, Australia for over 2 years.

It has created a modular platform for Traditional Vending machines incorporating an Embedded Controller with Customisable and Upgradable Firmware.

The Controller was specifically designed to be upgradable and used for Real-time updates.

Traditional Vending protocols such DEX are supported, as are custom Real-Time protocols based on DEX / MDB and Serial Bus technology.

Our Customisable Vending Gateway Wireless Controllers include 2G / 3G and GPRS /3G Data support and our designs include support for MDB Bus integration.

Loyalty Card support is also available.

Our Designs include support for Windows PC / Android Interactive Input and Display enabling Traditional Vending Machines to integrate Advertising and Touch Screen input.

Our MDB Host and Slave Capabilities using our purposely built Android / PC platforms that allow us to report on all activities in near Real-Time and integrate with Service Desk activities allowing Free Vend support and Mobile Interactive Ad support.

Our Traditional Vending Machine offerings are available to OEM / ODM Vending and Interactive Display partners, Shopping Centre and Other Enterprise / Building clients and as Mobile Loyalty app downloads to end users.

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