Wireless Technologies

As pioneers in Wearable technology since 2000, CC2GO Wireless Technologies has been developing cutting edge technology platforms in wearable technologies.

Primarily focused on designing solutions for OEM/ODM partners of Smart watches, Smart Phone Watches and Wireless Bracelet technologies integrating with Smart-phones, Networks and incorporating Emergency notifications.

Our Technologies are patent pending and / or license with partner offerings.

Our Wearable offerings are available to OEM / ODM partners and as downloads to end users.

CC2GO Wireless Technologies has been developing mobile apps since 1999 when it designed:

  • The World’s FIRST GPS Enabled Smart phone Operating system (for Palm Powered OS devices)
  • The World’s FIRST 2G / 3G / GPRS Smart Phone OS system (for Palm Powered OS devices)

Today CC2GO WT develops has created the X-Stitch Mobile Platform that integrates:

  • Telephony
  • Messaging
  • Contact Address Book
  • Rules Based:
    • Dialling
    • Messaging
    • Number formatting
  • Security Access
  • VoIP / Mobile SIM Dialling
  • DTMF Dialling
  • Call Back Dialling
  • Calling Card Support
  • X-Stitch platform has been customised for a variety of Mobile OS platforms including :
  • Apple IOS
  • Android OS
  • Windows Mobile

X-Stitch has been customised to cater for vertical markets including:

  • Mobile Roaming
  • Smart Wearables
  • Door Station Integration
  • WiFi Office / Home Network Integration
  • 2 Way Evacuation Communications
  • Special Needs / Elderly needs

Our Mobile App offerings are available to OEM / ODM and direct to Corporate and End users.

CC2GO Wireless Technologies’ Connected Car offerings include the following key focus areas :

  • Hands-free Call / Messaging
  • Driver Behaviour and Accident Prevention / Management
  • Driver Behaviour Traffic Infringement Management

Our Connected Car offerings are available to OEM / ODM partners, Car Industry partners and Corporate / Fleet and End users.

cc2GO Wireless Technologies has been collaborating with large Vendors providing turn-key solutions for Office Network and Mobile Dialling and Messaging.

Working in partnership with large Network and 3G / GSM Gateway and SIP providers, cc2GO’s X-Stitch platform has been strategically integrated with Email to SMS services enabling Corporate Clients to transmit Data as Text based data between SMS and Emails seamlessly.

cc2GO Wireless Technologies’ X-Stitch platform has been integrated into the Office environment enabling the use of Mobile Smart-phones to Dial whilst in Office via a central SIP enabled Mobile GSM/3G Gateway and also Send / Receive Calls and SMS Messages seamlessly whilst in the office and out in the field.

Our offering has been integrated into Evacuation systems and Door Stations and is currently being optimised to also be used with Video Cameras, Desk phones and Door Stations.

cc2GO Partners with Strategic OEM / ODM and Telephony partners to promote its Mobile Multimedia platform and vertical solutions.

With the introduction of Mobile Internet, came the demise of SMS based communication services.

Today, most Social Media, messaging and Internet services are reliant on Mobile Data or Over The Air (WiFi) services being available.

cc2GO Wireless Technologies has developed a unique Patent Pending Global platform designed to allow Offline Mobile Web Forms to be Used for Input, Queries / Searches and to Pull feedback / Reports using Mobile Data and other available communications seamlessly to the user.

cc2GO is integrating this platform into its Web Editing software and will be offering it through Mobile Partners shortly.

The advent of the Internet of Things or Internet of Everything has caught the attention of the world.

Its impact on Home Automation has influenced CC2GO Wireless Technologies to research and work closely with Home Automation / Wearable partners to develop interacting hardware with its purposely built software offerings and services.

CC2GO’s X-Stitch platform is being integrated with Emergency Buttons, Wearable devices, Cameras and Beacons to trigger alerts, notify family, friends and emergency services and integrate into Evacuation solutions.

CC2GO Partners with Strategic OEM / ODM Home Automation, Wearable and Telephony partners to promote its Home Automation platform and vertical solutions

CC2GO Wireless Technologies has been developing Mobile Roaming solutions for the last 16 years.

Today’s offerings are based on recent research, design and development around Mobile Carrier / MVNO SIM Card offerings designed to seamlessly allow users to make and receive calls, messages whilst roaming at a cost effective rate using our robust X-Stitch platform and Mobile applications.

Although Roaming SIMs and Apps exist and continue to be available, CC2GO Wireless Technologies’ X-Stitch app due to launch shortly will improve on the User Experience whilst roaming addressing traveller’s BIGGEST concerns whilst abroad.

CC2GO has been addressing Mobile Security since 1999.

Mobile Security solutions have been developed for Bluetooth / WiFi to address a range of Corporate / Enterprise and Personal user requirements.

Today, CC2GO Wireless Technologies’ offerings include custom solutions designed to limit attacks through known and not commonly known means.

Our offerings include close integration with X-Stitch platform and integration with Mobile Carriers / MVNO.

Mobile Security offerings are available with CC2GO Partner offerings bundled with Mobile SIM, hardware by Strategic OEM / ODM and Telephony partners who promote our Secure Mobile platform and vertical secured solutions.

R&D into Human Behaviour Black Box in moving Vehicles / Vessels including :

  • Detecting Out of Ordinary Driving Behaviour
  • Integrating Mobile technologies to limit driving mistakes
  • Integrating GPS / Engine, Sensor and Mobile Communications for early accident and prevention alerting
  • Built Boom Crash App – Smart OS Cross platform Accident Prevention / Driver Behaviour Management app with soon to be added NSW Live Traffic data

Focused on Mobile and Wearable technology integration for Mobile Resource Management and Global Content and Communication Integration